Strimo TV - Pay with your Paypal account

✅ Please follow these instructions carefully to complete your order:

1) Log in to your PayPal account.

2) Click on Submit and Order.

In the mobile application

3) Enter our Paypal email address:

4) Do not enter anything here, such as subscription duration or shipping address. Leave it empty and click Next.

5) Select the “For friends and family” option (if you do not pay as a family member or friend, your payment will be refunded).

6) Click Continue

After sending the payment, please send the following to our support email address

  • Name on your PayPal account
  • Transaction ID of your PayPal payment
  • Your email address (the one you wish to receive your subscription login on)

Order is delivered immediately after payment (3 – 15 minutes activation time).

✅ PS: Remember to use the family friend option and do not write comments like iptv or your payment will be rejected.

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