Strimo TV - Send Money via PayID

✅ Please follow these instructions carefully to complete your order:

Payment instructions: DO NOT enter IPTV or TV ANYWHERE.

1)- Open your banking app or visit the bank’s website and log in.
2)- Go to the “Payments” or “Transfers” section and select “PayID” or “Pay to PayID”.
3)- Choose to “Make a Payment” and select “Email” as the PayID type.
4)- Enter our PayID email:
5)- Verify that the account name is: Wise Australia Pty Ltd
6)- Enter the amount you wish to pay in AUD.
7)- Payment description or reference: Do not type anything related to IPTV or TV subscription! Just let it blank or enter the email address where you wish to receive your IPTV subscription details.
8)- Review all details for accuracy.
9)- Confirm and send the payment.

After submitting the payment, please submit the following form:

Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.
This is the email we'll send the subscription to

The order is delivered immediately after payment (3 – 15 minutes activation time).

If any delay occurs, please contact us at: 

STRIMO TV1 Device2 Devices3 Devices4 Devices
3 Months44.99 AUD59.99 AUD75.99 AUD86.99 AUD
6 Months69.99 AUD107.99 AUD137.99 AUD159.99 AUD
12 Months99.99 AUD179.99 AUD227.99 AUD262.99 AUD
24 Months166.99 AUD238.99 AUD309.99 AUD358.99 AUD
Lifetime269.99 AUD449.99 AUD599.99 AUD699.99 AUD
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